You Can Code Your Own Way

Aug 2019

I decided to significantly change my capstone project. We have less than a month until the end of class. Here's my story:

When we had to announce our capstone projects in March, I talked it out with my partner and made what I thought was the best decision at the time. It would be a fun and challenging project to create a review aggregator for local Syracuse venues (similar to Yelp). The interesting twist for me was to make the reviews based of sensory friendly criteria (what are the lights like? how loud is the venue on average? is it accessible? etc.). I felt this would fill an unmet need in the community and help people make more informed decisions before venturing out.

I still think this is a good idea. My capstone remains titled Sensory Friendly Syracuse. It will still be a place to gather information for the sensory friendly community.

What it won't be is a reviews aggregator.

Instead, I'm building a lightweight social media web app (inspired by Twitter) using React, Redux, Express, Firebase, and MaterialUI. Users will be able to sign up, log in, add profile information and a profile pic, view all posts (called "thoughts" on the site), like thoughts, and leave comments on thoughts. Users will also be able to unlike and delete thoughts.

This new direction will still have some of the core functionalities of my initial 2 attempts at building the project. It'll fill the same need without being tied to a review format and local businesses. It's turning into a place to spread information, raise awareness, and connect with others in the community.

What it won't have is me three weeks from now crying over a half built app and feeling like a failure.

In addition to completing our capstones, my class has also been tasked with preparing a 6 minute presentation explaining our work, some of the challenges we've faced, what we've learned, and a brief demo. We'll each take a turn on the very last day of class showing what we've done for 6 months to a crowd of friends, family, instructors, staff, and tech community members.

To ensure the success of my presentation/completion of my capstone (and as a solid to future Kelly), I decided to change it from my initial big idea into something more manageable that I can have ready to demo in time.

I made better choices based on having better information. And that's a skill I hope to continue developing long after class is over.

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